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Things Sorta Looking Up

Things have been good except for my computer. Thursday night up til now, it's been fucked up. I can't get any email from my main one (, and my yahoo email (molly_z_2000) is full and i've forgotten to check it. I might be getting a virus in my computer, who knows, but I may not be online much for the next week or two.

On top of that, from this coming Thursday till maybe Tuesday (December 30th), I'll be visiting my mom and my best friend that I haven't seen in what seems like ages. But it's only a year or two since I've seen him, so that'll be awesome!

Surprisingly, I'm slowly getting over Alex, I guess. It's still hard though. To this time, every time I pick up my cell phone, I still want to call him. But I refuse to, since a deeper part of me is still hurting, and I'm not ready to talk to him yet. I know this sounds confusing, but these are just stages I'm going through. When I was sorta online yesterday, I saw his screen name show up on my screen and tears started to build up. But I kept strong, and kept myself busy so that I'm not constantly thinking about it. Writing in here helps. :-)

Friday night, I went to Work Christmas Party for a bit, then chilled with CW for an hour or two before going home. Best of times. I'm not sure if he still wants to chill with me today, since I haven't reached him yet. We'll see.

I better jet before my computer slows down again and freezes. Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far. :-) Laterzzz
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