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Emotionally Shattered

I feel like I'm crumbling socially.

Alex probably wants to dump me and probably hates me for being annoying, who knows. I miss him so much, and i miss the times that we have spent together.

Weather here is shitty. I've been crying on & off tonight. I hate the holidays, they get me depressed, but not as depressed as I am now.. My period's a week late and my moods have been fluctuating a lot this week.

My finals are over with. I probably did okay. I want to see my mom next week, but no ride up there and back from next Thursday to Sunday.

I think that ever since my dad got a girlfriend, i feel like i don't really exist anymore, i dunno. I'm still not use to this change in my life, and i guess i'm not willing to admit to myself that it's overwhelming me right now. But it is, and I guess I'll deal with it.

Tomorrow is the "work" Xmas party and I don't really want to go. But a few good people will be there, so maybe it'll be worth it.

This entry has gone nowhere and sorry for boring you guys, but I feel like I have no one to turn to when I need to vent. So here I am venting here.

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