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Had yet another good day at school. I finally finished the book called Slaughter House Five for my first class, 20th Century. I think it was a good book, kinda hard to follow, but good. Now all I have to do is watch the movie of it... It should be pretty interesting.

I just got back from taking out the trash and doing little chores around the house, and I'm glad I did them too. Usually if I'm way too tired, my dad'll do them for me, which is nice of him. But lately I've been kinda tired of slacking off and wanted to make my dad and myself happy by accomplishing something different but good. It's well worth it!

I need to call the Union up sometime and find out about my freaking insurance, since my boss from Safeway won't tell me! ARGH!! I might have to do some other shit too, but I really don't feel like dealing with them... Well whatever...

Well I miss Simon and Mike... Off to napland, will write more laterz...

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