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Scary Uncontrollable Weather!

The weather here last night and for the rest of the weekend was horrible! Last night, the winds reached up to 100 MPH according to I have not lost power yet but almost did a few times last night while i was on the phone with a cool best friend that I haven't talked to in ages. He only lives 100 miles away from me, but the weather over at his cabin was just as bad as it is here in the SF bay area. Tam is closed for today, so I'm actually hoping that my college isn't closed, since today is the last day for my final and I'd like to get it done sooner, which'll be better for me.

Crap, the winds are picking up again! This has got to be the worst storm I've ever been through ever since I've moved down here to the bay area 3 years ago... I hope my buddies are doing okay.. I also hope y'all had a good, safe weekend.

Back to studying for my final, whether there's power over at the College or not. Laterz...
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