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I Don't Feel Like Being Detailed

I forget when I last wrote in here, but I've been going through a wave of ups and downs in my life. I'm not sure if I talked about Thanksgiving, but it was good. I feasted twice on the same weekend, so it was fun.

Work has sucked a lot, and I don't feel like getting into it right now. Thursday I had to deliver my Persuasive Speech and didn't do well on it, along with other stuff I presented that morning. Long story, but i'll find out how I did next week.

This weekend was perfectly fine until I talked to Ben (Alex's friend) tonight. He told me something that he should have never told me, and I'm not even gonna mention it here until I get to the bottom of this problem. All I know is I'm not sure how to feel, think or be. Pain's taking over me, in which I can't control.

I'll see you all in a week or something. I'm gonna hide in my bed for a while.
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