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Drama Week with Myself

I haven't written in a week and my life's been a crazy roller coaster!!

There's ups and downs with Al and me, but we're still going strong and i still always love him forever. What else is new. His old time best friend from Mexico (Jess) is staying at his house from now till Sunday morning. Actually, she's been up here since Tuesday afternoon or something. So i finally got to meet her yesterday and she's the most awesomest girl ever! She's only 13 but she looks and acts like she's a mature 16 year old, which is cool too. I saw her again today, and by late afternoon, her, al, and I were so tired from today that we sorta nappedn out in different times at al's place... Kinda funny though. Eventually I had to come home and let Al get energized for tonight's events and let him get his crazy physio hw done.

Classes have gone well this week, nothing to complain about. Work's had its ups and downs too, but they're okay for now, I guess. My moods have fluctuated so much this week, it's driving me nuts. I'd start off being happy and either hyper or mellow, then something small would come up and i'd have a fit over it and get pissy or crying for no reason. I hate it when I get that way, when i really don't want to be that way. Crying feels immature to me, as if I should not cry ever in my life. I know that it's okay to do that, but it seems wrong when I do it or when stuff comes up...

Anyways, I'm falling aslepp as I try to type this out, so I'll finish my rambles tomorrowz... night and love ya everyone and al. :-)
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