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I Can Finally Breathe!

Wow, today was such a busy day! Woke up at about 6:30 to get my dad up, so he could get ready for sorta a new independent job he started on. So I stopped by Tam and said hi to my sweety. I'm missing him more cuz he's gonna be gone for the weekend with his parents. Anyways, saw him twice: before school started, and a few minutes at lunchtime. Anyways, after seeing Al this morning, I went to COM and dropped my late hw assignment for my vocals class. After that, I went to work from 10:30am till 3pm. After work, I went straight to my chiropracter appointment and got a really good adjustment on my neck and back. I feel so much better!

The funny thing about being at the chiropractor was that I was really sleepy from sleeping in the car, and almost slept through my adjustments, which is better than feeling the pain where I'm getting worked on.

I'm over my ex. Last night was maybe just a moment of reflection and thinking about a lot of things about myself. So I'm not depressed anymore; I just had to sleep it behind me.

I just finished a big healthy dinner tonight and i feel like crashing out. Everyone's busy doing something with their family/friends and i got nothing planned. Ah well, I need to rest tonight anyways. Both last week and this week have been really hard for me in different ways and I need a break from the stresses in my life right now.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. :-)

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