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Trying To Make This Short

I've wondered lately if anyone still reads this LJ... Haven't had comments into here for weeks, so it's made me wonder if anyone reads my LJ. Ah well.

My speech class was fine; work was fine too. Things were fine until I smashed my thumb into a filing cabinet at work. Still hurts and bruised. The rest of the day was okay. Missing Al as usual, but sorta not happy with him right now. I don't feel like explaining why, but it is what it is and things will be different tomorrow. So I probably won't be upset with him or anything.

Ran into my ex, feeling overwhelmed. My dad's been in a bitchy mood all night and he got into a fight with my cat. Earlier, my cat puked and I was forced to clean up after her. So tonight's not been a great night for me. I'm going to sleep it off and see what tomorrow brings me. I was planning on sleeping in till 8:30 in the morning, but I can't because I gotta see Al early in the morning, which is the only time I can see him before the weekend comes.

So I'll complain laterz and sleep now. Night.
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