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No More CD Burner, Current Stresses, etc

I guess I should say that today wasn't as bad as this morning from work. My boss pushed my buttons this morning, causing me to flame at him. I sorta feel bad, but I just ran out of patience with him for things. Things are good now, so i shouldn't worry, I guess.

Vocals class went better than I thought. I hadn't been to that class since last Monday because of last week's never ending, drama disasters with me. So things are back in shape a little.

Didn't get much sleep last night, so I was tired and sleepy all day. Lesson learned, I know. Nowadays, I can't afford to only get 2-3 hours of sleep in one night, otherwise I'm grouchy for the day.

Seeing Al was the only highlight of my day. We were both grumpy and grouchy with our own seperate dramas, but our complainings made us feel a little better for a while anyway. He's got some school crap going down and he can't socialize outside of school as much as he likes to, which sucks. But I can understand where he's coming from. And as always, missing him bunches.

My CD burner doesn't work anymore, which pissed me off last night and caused me to stay up later than I expected to. I can play CDs in there perfectly fine, but I can't burn anything for crap anymore. So I'll have to figure out how to fix the problem that I'm starting to get with it or else get a new one and replace it from this piece of crap. If anyone knows of any good CD burners out there for sort of a decent price, let me know.
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