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Things Are Starting To Finally Look Up!!

Sorry about last night. I was very short-tempered before I went to bed. But things are better today. Work was better and people weren't yelling or mad at each other, which was a plus. Speech class went well and actually a little shorter than usual. So I got to leave class 20 minutes early since there was nothing else to do there till Thursday. Chilled with Al at his lunchtime till 3rd period rolled around the bend. I guess he's still sick and not feeling well. So i did him a favor or two to brighten his day a little.

After work, I split and saw Al after school and chilled at his place for a while. What I wanted to do was just drop him off at his house and head back home. But I ended up staying over there and watching yesterday's episode of DragonBall Z, which was really good. I'm starting to get hooked on that cartoon, which is great thanks to my sweety of course.

So most of the stuff I mentioned have been great "best of times" for me on top of actually feeling better from being sorta ill from the weekend. As I said to my dad tonight, today has been the most decent day I've spent since last Monday.
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