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Definitely Not a Good Day Off

Today was the worst day ever. I was around people who were bitches to other people and the whole drama. So I tried to keep a happy face and be strong for others who weren't doing so well today. I guess all of this work and drama crap is catching up to me now. Plus I was trying to stay out of people's way so i would cause any more drama than what's already been created by others... So much for that luck.

Someone from my current work just got fired this morning. A bunch of other drama happened before and after he got fired, but I won't get into that right now. I worked from 9am till about 1pm and called it quits for the day. Too much tension at work and needed to get away from it.

Stopped by Al's place to see if he was home. But he was at Jordan's place doing band practice and stuff. So I hung out with Al's dad and chatted with him for a while, ate, and left for home shortly afterwards. I guess things were good up till 5:30pm. Hope he's not mad at me for being there when he wasn't there, cuz I didn't know that he was gone till his dad told me what he was up to. So I left it at that. I also called him earlier tonight after remembering something that both Al and and his dad forgot earlier, and he seemed sorta short with me. Then my phone cut out right in the middle of him saying something, then he turned his cell off right away. I knew that I shouldn't call his cell, so I figured I'd let it slide and let it be and see him tomorrowz. We'll see though.

Anyways, after being home for a while, I chilled with a coworker and caught up on both the work drama and his personal drama that he's going thru. helped him out, gave him advice and stuff. Then came back home at about 5:30pm and ended up having to go for a little shopping spree at my old work (Safeway). Trying to get 4 things was a nightmare and a half, but lived thru it. While shopping, I ran into my ex-co-workers and apparently a few people got fired or quit and another person's going into Rehab. So more drama over there than my current office work. Anyways, I got outta there, and had dinner. So this is where I stand.

I just can't believe how much a lot of different things can just change in one day or one week, even. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for everyone. And I hope everyone else here in LJ land has had a better day than here in Marin.
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