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No Power, neck check up, and yesterday's funness

I'm finally caught up on my Friends Page of reading Journals... My power went out Thursday night at about 8:30pm and didn't come back on till about sometime yesterday afternoon. I wasn't home when it came back on, so I dunno. So that's sorta why I haven't posted for a few days.

My sweety got out of school early at about 11am cuz of the on and off power outage over there. Real cool stuff! Later on in the afternoon, we eventually met up, chilled at his house till 7:30pm, then headed to the Oasis to just see Only On Tuesdays play. I'll have to do a reflection on what I thought of their show in another entry, but overall, they were okay, not their best. Anyways, after they were done, Al wasn't feeling well, so we both called it a night and went home.

I worked yesterday from noon till 3pm. It was hectic cuz of people being sick and not showing up to help out in the office and everything else on top of it was plain crazy and stressful. But I survived AND got paid! :-)

Before I went to work, I went back to see my chiropracter for another adjustment and checkup to see how my neck and back is doing. The healing process in my neck is going really well, and got a huge adjustment alone in my neck, which is healing really well too. I had to get my hip and back adjusted, since they were really out of alignment from my neck being messed up. So right now, the muscles in my back hurt a little, but I'm hoping for them to heal up and get a little better too. We'll see how it progresses by next week.

I get Monday off from my vocals class cuz of Veteran's Day. Right now, I'm just gonna enjoy this little slack weekend and relax. Al's busy yet again this weekend, so i probably won't see him till Monday or Tuesday at least.

Sorry for this entry being so long, I guess I ramble too much and bore everyone... lol Laterz
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