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Neck Report

I hate to be negative and down about things, but having to deal with huge neck spasms from 6am till 3pm was definitely not how I wanted to spend my birthday. My dad and I both agree that having my neck go out on me is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Anyways, my dad drove me to the chiropracter for my 3:30pm appointment. had to do tons of therapy work with my neck in one session plus one or two adjustments an hour afterwards. Worst pain experiences ever, I tell ya! but I lived thru it and i'm doing much better and not getting spasms yet, which is great. Still doing neck therapy with it till the next time I gotta go back to get another adjustment...

I'm afraid to go to sleep cuz of the muscles healing and they're just at a point where I can move my neck and stuff again, slowly. So if I'm in bed again, they're gonna tense up and probably go back to where they were earlier, who knows.

Had the worst conversation with my mom a few hours ago too. I had decided to tell her what happened with me and my neck, and she freaked out, giving me not very much support or sympathy. I can understand that she wants me to get better and stuff, but she's dwelling on the fact that i've had about 20 neck spasms before going to the chiropracter, and other shit. She can't seem to accept the fact that I'm actually getting better, and she's putting blame to other people that weren't involved with my neck disaster. whatever, I know my own body more in ways that she doesn't.

I'm gonna try to make it to work for a few hours but not go to my vocals class. I'm gonna need to rest quite a bit, since my upper body's in a big healing process right now. should go to sleep now, laterz and hope that people who are sick and not feeling well are gonna get better soon as well. Wednesday's another day, and we'll see what it brings us.

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