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I'm Staying Positive Today!

I'm packed with hw for this week, so i'm gonna try and get most of it done tonight so I have tomorrow off completely to do whatever I want for my b-day. Work was crazy this morning, but recovered nicely and didn't let it affect my day. So Al & Paul at lunch and we spent almost most of the lunchtime walking around the aisles in Safeway, which was boring for me. But I tagged along cuz it's always fun hanging out with them. Best of times.

After lunch with the guys, I went straight to COM, went to my music-voice class for an hour, then came home and nearly crashed out. Spent the remaining time with dad talking about various stuff. I should try and spend more time with him often, since I've kinda been not home much and spending time with Al, which I still wanna do. :-) I guess I'm crazy like that.

Gotta call Al, eat dinner, then hw.
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