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strange and stuff

Apparently I just couldn't get online from 10:30pm to probably about 4am this morning... I guess the marinmarket server which my dad and I are on, went completely down, which sucked!! That being that, i decided to go to bed a little early and get some actual sleep. Man it sure did help - finally one damn night of getting almost 7 hours of sleep, especially on a school night. YAY I'm proud of myself!! Then I woke up this morning feeling groggy but in a good way. I guess I should get back on the routine of going to bed around 10pm or 11pm on school nights... It'll take me a little bit to get used to again, but I'll be glad that I did it in the longrun. I'm sure I'm making you guys sleepy at this point so I'll stop on this now... :-)

Had a good day at school. Had all 6 of my classes, nothing new to report except for one odd thing that kinda happened by accident. I saw Simon and my other group guys in my math class, and one of them happened to ask me, "Do you support gay/les/bi people?" And I told him that I did and stuff. Then Simon asked me if I was a lesbian, and told him that I'm not but that I'm bi. He seemed to be cool with it, which was a bit of a relief, cuz I like Simon and I don't want to lose him as a friend. I think my coming out to people's become a little bit easier, especially around here in the bay area because not very many people are against stuff like this and they're very open about it, and that's the kind of support I need. :-)

I have a little tiny bit of hw to do, nothing major but I should probably get to it sometime tonight before I doze off to sleep. Speaking of sleep, I think I might nap out now to refresh my brain for later. It's pretty much what I do when I get home from either work or school: Get online, check email, check journal and other stuff, then nap out for a few hours or so, come back in my room, check up on things, have dinner and tea, and stay in here for a while till real late. I'll try to write more later tonight, I hope. no promises though...

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