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Fuck this crap!

Dad's pissed at me for not calling him every day at 5pm. How was I supposed to know?!? On top of that, I feel like I'm grounded for ever because I went to Al's house today and helped him with some hw he needed typed up. So I offered to type stuff up for him since I'm sorta fast at it. I did a fourth of what needed to be done. Then I called dad at 7:15pm and told him where I was. I had planned on staying over there till 9pm to help Al with his hw, since he has so much of it to do and he doesn't have time. So I'm worried that he's not gonna have much time to get everything done for this week and stuff.

Anyways, I was tempting to tell my dad what was going on, when he cut me off and told me to get home right away, since he's pissed. Whatever, I did come home. Surprisingly enough, I'm not breaking down about it because he lectured/yelled at me for 5 minutes, then wanted me to go to my room. So fine, whatever. I expected this to come after I talked to him on the phone, which sucks. Fuck him anyways, for now. I need freedom in my life and this is the only time I can get freedom to be close to being on my own and to take advantage of hanging out with people.

Piece of crap dial-up connection just went down on me, so i can't send this until I get back online. I probably deserve this anyway, for pushing my dad's buttons for a few days. But do i care right now? Nope. I can't waste time being upset, so I'm not letting any of this b/s get to me until it really does at one point. I'm tired of being upset and depressed. I'd rather be around people and be happy, not let them down. my mom used to do that when she drank, and I don't want to get any of that from her.

I tell ya when I'm back online.

20 minutes later, I'm back online...
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