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Alex Events and Catching Up

I've sorta been forgetting to write in here, so again I appologize.

Friday was crazy. Work was mellow. After work, I chilled at Jamba Juice with Al and Paul for an hour or two, trying to decide what we should all do together that'd be satisfying. We eventually ended up going to Paul's house and hanging out over there till 9pm. Then Al and I went back to his place, had dinner, and sorta chilled. Issues with my dad came up and I uncontrollably broke down. But Al and his parents came thru and helped me out a bunch, which was something I probably needed. Another parent guidance to get me thru. Thanks you guys. :-)

Weekend was good. Chilled with Al and Kevin Saturday afternoon and evening till 9pm. I finally got to check out Al's hot tub! Pretty awesome stuff. After chilling in there for an hour, we watched the last two innings of the Giants playing. All three of us were raging up a storm when the Giants lost. Boy was I everly pissed.

Sunday, I checked out Al's garage sale, which was actually depressing. Nothing much was selling, so they packed it back up and I helped them for a while. Dad has been in his on and off pissy moods with me during the weekend. But did I care? nope.

Yesterday was good, I think - I forget. Saw Al twice yesterday at Tam and helped him with the last part of his hw, which was good. After that, we walked around, looked for Paul, gave up, and went back to Tam and chilled till lunch was over. Work was good, went by slowly though. Music class was a little tense, but in the end came out alright. I had a quiz that I was sorta worried about, but in the end, it came out short and somewhat easy. So we'll see how it goes.

Oh yeah - Kevin came over and had dinner last night. So we chilled on the computer, played cards and chatted online. Cool stuff.

i should get ready for my speech class. I hope Al's not upset with me for not making it to Tam to walk with him and stuff. This morning, I absolutely had to sleep in, no choice. Boy did it ever pay off too! Will ramble more some other time. Love ya lots Al!
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