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Fresh start so far

Sorry for my post last night - I guess my patience with everything went short. My dad was once again bugging me numerous times within the night about different stuff. So I decided to not do hw, since I can still do it today and over the weekend. My goal was to get as much of it done as early as possible. It's ok though.

Feels great to finally sleep in till 8am, and not wake up at 6:30 like I have been for the past 4 days. Crazy stuff, I tell ya.

I might see a movie with my sweety and Paul or go to the Oasis to chill with On Lisa and Solemite and other bands. Honestly, that venue has gone down so much since a few people that used to run the place don't work there anymore. So ever since they left, the venue has been crappy for the past month, it seems.

I'm working from 10:30am till 3pm, and I might see my sweety as soon as I get off of work, who knows. Missing him lots as always. I'll ramble laterz. TGIF to everyone.
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