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My Sweety's Home

Al came back this morning from his weekend with his family. Man I missed him so much. I invited him to come with me to see Blame Sally play in SF, fun stuff. It lasted from 6pm till 9pm. Of course we caught up on each other's events from the weekend and he kept sorta repeating himself about last night's party that he was at. I guess he had a hella good time.

That's basically it for today. It's full moon out tonight, and I got my wish, which was to spend it with Al. :-) That made me happier than anything else, really. Thinking about him right now's just making me feel fuzzy and cuddly inside, cool stuff.

I got the stupid cramps and the rest of the junk with it, which sucks! So i'm gonna head to bed soon, I'm pooped. Wishing Al could spend the night here, but there'd be no way that it'd happen, cuz of our parents, but it's ok. In our dreams though. :-)
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