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Today at Al's Place, Tonight, & Other Stuff

Just got back from Al's house and did what I had to do there. I picked up Nickelback and i'm borrowing it from Al till tomorrow or Monday, cuz Nickelback's hella awesome, and I wanna load it into my computer before he gets back. So I chilled over there for a few hours onto his computer and listened to music the whole time. Felt good to be somewhere else but have time to myself too! That'll probably never happen again, but it was fun as hell!

My lower lip has been cracked and hurting like a mofo for a day or two, which sucks! It means, no kissing till it heals, I guess.

Tonight I'm going out to some cafe thing in Fairfax, and probably won't be back till the middle of the night sometime. My dad wants me to tag along and watch a few people play acoutic and stuff. We'll see how it goes. So this is why I'm updating now, cuz I probably won't get to update laterz tonight.

Will tell you how it all went tomorrowz. Missing Al as usual. Hugs

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