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Thanks, Dad For Helping!!!!! (Sarcasm)

Yeah it's midnight, who cares. Right? Well my stupid fucking dad pushed me away while I was trying to finish my fucking Speech Project that's due less than 12 hours from now. It's like jeez, thanks soo much for fucking the last part of my project over! Stupid fuck. What's with him tonight??

Meanwhile, Al's going through a hw crisis again and his parents are upsetting him too. He called me tonight and vented to me. Makes me think of how I'm feeling at this very moment with my dad. Dammit, I wish I was with Al right now to make him feel better and at least be held by him for a while. I'm losing it right now, worse than I was when I started writing this stupid, pointless entry. I can't fucking see the screen or what I'm typing cuz my eyes are tearing up so much right now. I say that Al and I both run away to the Sierras and play in the snow and he can teach me how to snowboard and shit. Either that or both Al and I are gonna jump off a cliff and die together. I'd rather die with him than anyone else at this point. I CANNOT afford to lose my sweety, or have him lose me due to individual death.

I wish Al was here. Fuck this damn project, I'm going to bed.
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