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Catch Up Week (I dunno how to tag this entry)

Sorry again for being spacy in writing in here. Haven't written since last Wednesday. So here's roughly what's been going on with me in the past week.

Thursday I worked, went to my vocal lessons class, did my recital in front of the class and kicked major ass! I forget what I did afterwards. I think I came back to MV and hung out with Al & Kev at Starbucks, I'm not remembering fully what happened then.

Friday I did laundry, worked, chilled with Al & Paul at Starbucks with Jordan from Tam that's a sophomore. Eventually I went to the Oasis, chilled for Wit's End and Growth of Alliance. Went home after the last strange band played.

Saturday, Al & Kev took me out to Novato to see Transporter with them. Pretty crazy movie, I tell ya. Afterwards, we all went to kev's house and chilled for a short while. Then came back to MV. Kev chilled for a while at my place while Al had to attend his grandma's b-day party thing. Oh yeah, I got my recent film developed of the summer pics of me, Jordan, Al, Kev, and other people. Maybe I'll post them here if I can make thumbnails for them all. Anyways moving on.

Sunday was halfway cool and boring. I did nothing for the first part of the morning and afternoon, but eventually went to Kev's aunt's house for a short while, then walked back to my house and messed around online. By about 5pm, kev and I were off to Al's house to chill with him and his friend Steve. I stayed at Al's place till 10pm, and it was well worth it. Fun stuff.

Yesterday (being Monday) I saw Al and walked with him to Tam, then split to work from 8am till 11:30am. Came back to Tam, had lunch with Kev and the Perry's and other people. After that, I scrambled home to get my book for my vocals class and missed the first bus going over to COM. So I caught the second bus and barely made it to class on time. It was chill, nothing major happened in class. After getting back home from COM, ate, chilled online for a while, then conked out on the couch at 10pm. By about 11:30pm, I had decided to screw everything and hit the sack early. I seriously could not function. But I slept hella good last night!!

Today (Tuesday) has been the first Tuesday in a long time that I've spent where nothing really bad happened to me. At least not yet anyways. Went to my speech class this morning, came back to MV afterwards and chilled with Al for his lunchtime until 3rd period started. Then I went straight to work afterwards until 3pm, and came back to Tam for Al. So him, Paul, and I chilled at Starbucks for a while. Paul left and Colin came over and chilled with Al and I. Eventually we both went to his house and I stayed over there till 5:40pm, since Al has a lot of hw to do. So I came back here, had dinner, and here I am now updating this long entry in which I have no idea how to tag to make the entry shorter. CoRri would know that stuff, since she does it all the time in her LJ.

It's crazy how much I've already seen Al this week. I feel so much closer to him than I have before, which is cool. Man, I love my sweety so much, makes me miss him more. I wish he could get LJ too. I know this is a bunch of Al rambles, but he's been on my mind twice more this week and it's probably because i've seen him more than the previous weeks.

Anyways, I should get to my hw too and finish my demonstration speech project that's due this Thursday. Time to cram, otherwise I'm screwed!
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