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Al's Stress, Dream, & today's events with Me

I saw Al this morning and walked him to Tam. I feel so bad for him right now; he's more stressed and stuff, which sucks. Missing him lots as usual.

Work came and went. Vocals class came and went. In fact, the recital went well and everyone in the class nailed it, which was great. Came home afterwards, and crashed. Had a dream about Al while napping. Also had a dream about Colin and going to some random gig of his where he was gonna play by himself and the only people that showed up was me, Al, and Danielle. Then Colin started rambling about how blank tapes are horrible and that I shouldn't use them ever again. It was random and crazy, but it was alright.

Woke up after the dream to my cell ringing, dunno who it was that called me though. Dinner came and went, twas good. Now here I am writing, chatting, & thinking about lots of stuff at the moment.

I might hit the hay early tonight; I'm beat. Lotsa love, peace, & harmony. :-)
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