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class, work, after work, & right now stuff

Today was an easy going day. I'm gonna be doing my real demo speech next Thursday, which is fine with me. I got time to prepare it now and I wanna do a good job on it too. So class wasn't too bad, our little group that's presenting on Thursday chilled outside and talked. Nothing major.

Work wasn't bad. Mellow for the most part. It was also another hot one, so I was walking both to work and going home from work in the hot sun. It was crazy, but I did save money doing it that way. Came home and crashed out for a few hours and have successfully avoided using my cell phone all day. My dad did call me on it, but it doesn't really count cuz we only talk for less than a minute or so.

Right now I'm chilling, listening to miscellaneous MP3s from I miss Al so much, it's crazy. Going to bed soon, so more news coming tomorrowz.
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