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Phoenix stuff, SF today, Unfinished HW.

Well I didn't get a ride from CW yesterday to get to the Phoenix, which sucked cuz I called him several times wondering what the hell happened. So I took the bus over there and got back here at about 12:30am, it was crazy. But yeah, I got to see OOT play in between bands playing in the little lobby, which was an awesome idea! I enjoyed it more than the rest of the bands that played last night. Not that they were all bad, it's just that it felt a little more personal seeing OOT play two sets in one night. Anyways, their sets were awesome.

Today I wanted to get my homework for my Demonstration Speech accomplished and done, but that didn't happen. My dad and I went to SF and heard one of my dad's favorite bands play at their house/loft. It was awesome as well. Stayed in SF till 8pm tonight. Right now I'm pooped and kinda stressed over stuff I should've gotten done earlier, but it's my fault and now I have to make more time to prepare my Demo Speech for Tuesday.

So time to get to it then go to bed afterwards. Probably at about 1am or 2am as usual, who knows. I miss Al so much. Haven't seen him since Friday. Love ya much Al. :-)
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