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Jordan & MD Mad, Phoenix, & Dad Trips

Just as some things go back into their place and get back to normal again, other shit falls upon me today, in which I'm having to deal a great lot of right now. I think Jordan's still mad at me, which sucks... I guess he hates me, and I guess I blew everything so I have no chance in doing anything to make anything better, because I like him as a friend and stuff. Now I got MD mad at me over stupid crap dealing with CW & Meg or something. It's confusing, and MD kinda made my afternoon crash on me by telling me something was wrong. So fuck....

My dad and I were talking late last night and I mentioned that OOT was playing this Saturday at the Phoenix, and Alex might come with me. He didn't like it and doesn't want me to go. He wants me to go to see Blame Sally down in SF with him at the same night, and they're playing again on Sunday, which I just found out today. He's being stupid about me & the phoenix and crap. He's not willing to take me to the phoenix & back, and he doesn't want me taking the bus up there. So i thought of a late alternative way to get there and back with Alex. Ride up with CW!! So I called him, talked to him, and he's totally cool with it. Plus he said he has a friend up there and he'll probably go visit him while Alex & I are at the Phoenix, then pick us up when OOT are done playing. Talk about awesome! Now I gotta tell dad the new plan, and see if he's cool with it, now that I have a fucking ride. :-) Will update you on this whole social life that I'm dealing with laterz.

Dinner's here and I'm tired and stressed. Love you Al!
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