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Last night, Sleep, & Homework

The oasis sucked hard last night. I was only there for one or two hours, and left. Alex was with me the whole time. In fact, he came over ot my house at about 5pm and we chilled here till 7pm. So Alex's parents picked us up at about 9:30pm and we headed to his house. I didn't realize till a half hour or so later of lying on alex's bed falling asleep that his stomach acted up and stuff. So Alex got sick and his mom took me home at about 10:30pm. I talked to him about 15 minutes ago, and he's doing fine.

After I got home from Alex's place, I talked online for few minutes, crashed out on the couch from 11pm to 4am. Then went to my bed and just woke up today at almost 1pm. It was crazy. How did I do it, I have no idea, it happened.

Anyways, homework is dragging me down and I have to devote my whole weekend to it since I'm behind. So I better get to it. If I get lucky and get all of it done, then I'll get tomorrow to chill with someone, who knows.
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