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rest of day...

Went back to work and the rest of my day at work wasn't actually too bad. Less people bugged me about stuff and I managed to get things done the way i wanted. Plus the rain stopped when it was my turn to go out and pick up carts, which was great. Didn't feel like getting drenched like I did this morning.

I'm snacking on some original Goldfish crackers. MMmmm they're tasty too! But the cheese flavor's better too, but Safeway ran out of them... Oh well, these do for now. :-)

I guess Ariel's no feeling well so she went and lied down a bit... Hope she gets back online soon, I miss her. Ya know who else I miss too - D & T and Kelly. Haven't talked to all three of them in a few days...

I'm slightly annoyed at my mom because she called my cell but decided to hang up and not leave a message and immediately call my dad and complain to him that I didn't pick up my damn phone. WELL what do you expect mom? At least give me a few more rings, then I would've been able to answer the damn thing, but noooo.... ARGH whatever... Maybe I call her back later tonight, who knows... That way she won't have to call either of us again later.

I work the same hours tomorrow for work so it'll be ok. Not to early and not too late. ;-) just the way I like it.

I just noticed something ~ why does everything run and work better and faster in Internet Explorer than in Netscape?? I was going to Josh's website and noticed that the intro loaded MUCH quicker in Internet Explorer than in Netscape, which is fine with me. I guess something's telling me that I should use IE more.

I should put my stupid laundry away and get a little hw done, then probably hop into sleepland. laterz....
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