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No Write, Alex, Tonight, & Work

It's crazy - I was looking at my current LJ Calendar for this month and realized that I really haven't written much in here. So my bad. It's a combination of being too busy and too lazy to write.

All's well with my dad and me, so no worries. I think I've seen Alex almost every day, somehow. Speaking of which, he's probably either gonna come over and chill with me tonight or we might go to the Oasis. I'm not sure which thing he wants to do, but I kinda wanna chill here for the night. I don't even know who's playing tonight, but Jordan really wants me to go. So who knows.

Today I'm working from 9am to 3pm, which kinda sucks cuz I have a shitload of stuff to do while Amy's gone. I'll deal, I guess. Speaking of which, I'm supposed to be out the door on my way over there, but I'm running late cuz I got up later than I wanted to. Oh well, laterz and tgif!
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