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Uncontrollable Tears

This may sound like I'm being selfish and immature right now... but i'm crying. My dad's been a complete asshole to me all night, which isn't how he usually is. I wanna leave this house and walk to Alex's place or something and cry in someone's arms. I dunno why i'm so incredibly upset & tender inside. I'm sure i'll be fine when I wake up in the morning, but tears are just getting out of control right now. I hate crying like this, but it happens. And it started happening when I was in the middle of chatting with Jordan and Vlad online. And chatting with them had nothing to do with triggering my tears. I'm upset where I cannot do my homework, literally. I'm gonna try and get some sleep if possible. Way too late to call anyone.

Wishing Alex was here or vice versa. Need something healing at this point.
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