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Different Current Stresses On Me and Others

Life is kinda sucking at the moment. My dad's being uptight about really stupid stuff for no reason. Nothing in which has anything to do with my classes or work, just stuff that he should at least have a sense of humor about. Whatever, that's his problem.

My sweety's really under pressure with homework crap and is overloaded in so little time to do it. It's ridiculous how much pressure kids are having to deal with recently right after I leave Tam. I mean, I'm getting a little pressure in College, but it's a different kind of pressure compared to High School. Right now, I feel really bad for everyone in HS that's stressing over lots of stuff, and most/all of them deserve a break. And so does Alex, dammit. lol It's true.

I'm kinda piled up with homework this weekend, and trying to get most of it done this weekend. I'm having to prepare a tribute speech for someone locally that some people in my town might know who it'll be. I won't say who it is, cuz i don't want to ruin the surprise. But after I present it, which will be Tuesday, I'll say who the speech was for. Feel free to guess, but I won't say who until Tuesday or Wednesday.

I gotta study for a speech quiz and read a few chapters for it too. There's more, but I'm too lazy to mention them all. I haven't been this busy in a few weeks or so, it's crazy.

Despite all of that crap I have to deal with, I may run up to San Rafael to chill and surprise Jordan at his work, who knows. That's it, till laterz.
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