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A few Days with Alex :-)

i haven't posted till either Tuesday or wednesday, since my legs incident. But I'm doing much better from that.

Wednesday evening, i chilled with my sweety Alex and ended up sleeping over there. And nooo we didn't do anything naughty or anything, just chilled and laid low. That was actually fine with me cuz that's all I wanted to do was chill and be close to him, ya know.

So Thursday comes up and Alex & I eventually get outta bed tiredly at 7:15am and got ready to depart for the day. I walked with Alex to Tam till the first bell rang. Then i took the bus home and chilled a little bit. Came home and realized my dial-up for my internet use was tied up for quite a while. Didn't matter, since I wasn't gonna be on the computer for the morning, really. Anyways, I left for work in the boiling sun and worked from 1pm till 3pm. Long story as to why it was short, but whatever. So I walked to Tam, figuring I might catch Alex in the end of school, but I missed him. So I walked to his house and chilled with him and Paul. Good times. Then we all hit the Rec Center at about 6pm and worked out for an hour and a half. It was really worth it too! After that, I walked with them back to Alex's house, got all weirded out about my dad. So I went home, had dinner, and crashed out on the couch from 9:30pm till really late. then I migrated to sleep in my own bed.

So this morning, I've been up since 10 and I've been chilling. Lots of stuff on my mind right now. Both good and worrisome, I guess. I'll talk about it later. Right now, I gotta get ready for work and deal with it till 5pm. We'll see how the rest of the day goes from there.

As always, missing Alex and much love to my sweety. :-) Laterz
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