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I don't know where to start. I'm trying to fight tears as I try to deal with something that unexpectedly happened to me this morning.

I was still sleeping and tossing & turning as usual, and everything was fine. It was until I turned, stretched my leg some way that I don't remember and the whole right leg gave out on me!! So I woke up to screaming pains in my right leg, trying not to scream and fighting tears. It's so hard to describe how scared I am and how much pain I'm still going through with this leg. A half hour later, after going back to sleep and fighting my alarm clock, my left leg does the exact same thing too! This time, I sorta caught it early and it's in slightly better condition than my right leg, but they still hurt like a mo-fo right now.

I had a hella of a time getting out of bed and trying to do the simplest functions around the house. I didn't realize how bad it was gonna be until I tried to stand on both feet from my bed and nearly fell to the floor. Man I feel sooo paralyzed and there's nothing I can do about it right now. They're shaking more than they were before.

I may have to cancel going to work for the afternoon. It's just bad. I'm not sure how I'll be dealing with class, but I'm gonna fight my way to get there and back, even if both legs aren't working. I'll keep you posted.
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