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Paris, Colin & Me Dream // Afterthoughts

It's strange: While I was napping on the couch, I had a random dream about Colin & his sister Paris. What i can remember of it was all three of us were in the deep woods talking, playing in the leaves, and doing low jumps from one, small, dead tree stump and stuff.

Next thing I knew, we were sorta near some kinda road, and Colin's mom had driven near us in a white toyota old van (I forget the exact model of the van, but it's still around and they're cool). So Colin walked up to the back of the van, opened the back door to put his back-pack in, and suddenly disappeared. Next thing I know, Paris and I are climbing into colin's mom's tanned toyota previa van and no driver to drive it. So Paris took the wheel and attempted to start driving on a steep hill that we were stuck in. So she hits the gas a little, and the van stalls. After restarting it and realizing how smart she was for starting it without training, we were off.

While the van was in motion, she moved to the passenger seat, and I moved from the back of the van to the drivers seat. Somehow, we were both driving it at the same time, which was coo. Next thing I remember was Paris and I were taking some of our clothes off, and it was starting to turn into a sexual thing. Then I woke up to my cellphone ringing, and it was both QQ and Jordan. Crazy, I tell ya.

I had to talk to QQ about a situation I had to deal with that I nearly got stuck in due to an email I got today from one of our friends doing a blaming game on my dad and me for no reason. Then I had to help Jordan with two Locale AM cds that Alex burned for him, but was in a backwards, incomplete order.

Ahh I wish I had someone to snuggly fall asleep with. Preferably Alex. Speaking of which, I'm missing him lots at the moment. Time to head for sleep myself. I'm falling asleep here at the computer as I try to complete this entry.
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