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Recapturing a Week's Fun Stuff

Sorry for not posting much and for a while. Honestly I haven't really been in the mood to write much of anything. So forgive me.

My classes got real tough last week, but made through it all and i'm doing fine. Work's great except for the fact that I was MD-less all week. But then I saw him Friday for a while, so that was cool. This week, I'll be MD-less again and CW-less. Ah well, i'm not getting into why this is, but they'll be back.

Friday night I went to the Oasis with Alex & Kevin. We eventually ran into Jordan, Hailey, and Justin. Fun stuff, I guess. Kevin left early for the night cuz he got in trouble. So I hung out with Alex, Jordan, Hailey, and Justin till 11pm. Only On Tuesdays played last, which was both cool and not cool. The cool thing was that they had a little larger audience and I had a complete blast rocking out to them. Plus they played two new songs for us, which I forget what they are. The uncool thing was that they slacked on getting their CDs out and now I got a couple people mad at me about it. Don't ask why, it is what it is. I personally felt that they were lagging a little and were tired from previous bands playing, since they played moderately well. Not their best, but not bad either. But their energy was still pumping good, so seeing them play was overall great!

After OOT was done playing, I had to leave with Alex right away so that his dad could give me a ride back to my house. So it was all cool.

I wanna back up to when Locale AM were ending their set, because this was a moment for me that I don't think I'll forget. It may be a small thing, but it was a big deal to Jordan, Alex, and me. "We're Not From The Ghetto" was playing and I had decided in the end of that song to get onto the stage, jump, and have the crowd hold me up and the usual stuff. Well I tried it, and it was unsuccessful. After I jumped, people weren't prepared to hold me up. So they dropped me, causing me to hit my head really hard a few times on the ground. I'm not really sure if I had a concusion or not, but according to Jordan, I did. According to Alex, I didn't get one but was close, I guess. I couldn't think straight, I was highly dehydrated, and I guess I was about to pass out. Not good! So Jordan and Alex were looking out for me, making sure I was fine for the rest of the night, so I didn't get bashed into again. This has been by far the warst case of me getting dehydrated to a point where I felt like dying. I haven't been in that situation since 5th-6th grade. Talk about horribly embarrassing moment in that part of the night.

Anyways, Saturday (yesterday) was mighty fun too! I lazed around the house for a fe hours, then walked to Photos Express and ran into Alex on the way over there! It was so awesome and good-timing too. After doing that errand, I went back to Alex's cousin's place to help set up a b-day party. During the party, we hung out there, chilled on the computer and stuff. We both felt out of place, but we had each other, so it was good.

Then at about 7pm, Alex, his uncle and I went to In & Out Burger to get a humungous amount of burgers for the party. I think the order got messed up, but everyone wound up getting their food anyways and everyone was satisfied. A little while later, Alex and I walked the sunsets back to his house, chilled over there, then went back to his cousin's place till almost 11pm. After that, i went home and got in a stupid small argument with my dad. Then slept from 1am till 11:30am this morning. So here I am, posting this LONG entry recapturing miscellaneous boring stuff.

I gotta pick up photos, do some homework, and I dunno what else. Maybe Alex and I will hang out again for a bit, who knows. Did I mention that as of last night, we're official. So it's pretty cool and I guess I never realized how close we were for 2 months or so. So this should be rather interesting in a good way. Jordan'll probably be happy for us, and I'm not sure how Kevin & Ben are gonna take it. but they'll get it sooner or later.

So that's it and will write more laterz.
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