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Yesterday's Mess & Today's Sunny Sides

Well yesterday was horribe within itself. Had one hella of a time trying to get to class yesterday. Took a bus that was labeled wrong (definitely not my fault) and went the wrong way. So I had to walk all the way back to my house for a half a mile or so, then finally got on the correctly labeled bus. I almost got into a bus accident on the way over there, so to say the least I was a bit pissed by the time I got off the bus. Class was fine, and the ride home went fine. It was kinda planned for me to go back to work and chill with MD, but he and CW had left already by the time I got there. Not cool, but I lived. Then I went home afterwards and chilled. The only things that went great was talking to MD on the phone, working in the morning, and being home after my disasters.

Today was a big improvement. Went to my speech class this morning, and it went well. Got home, got ready for work, then walked to work. Of course I saw MD & CW and I mostly flirted with MD a few times; it was mucho fun! ;-) Both him and CW always make my days brighter somehow, pretty cool stuff.

I'm seriously hoping to meet Megan real soon. I'm going nuts cuz I've heard sooo much about her lately. I should make time if possible to go chill with her and possibly MD too! That'd be rad.

Things with Jordan and I are ok, and we're not enemies. So it's all fine. No worries.

Side thought: I wonder if MD evers bumps into this journal or not; I know CW does from time to time. In fact, CW - email me! :-)

Tune in laterz.

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