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MD, CW, Meg, & Cam OR None?

Just woke up. I'm a lazy bum.

Had an interesting dream just this morning before crawling outta bed. I guess I was throwing some crazy party at my last location, in a trailor where I was living before moving to the bay area. Apparently, I was supposed to meet Megan and do stuff with her. Plus MD, Cam, and CW were supposed to come to the party late at night to get set for some really kinky stuff later. There was already a load of people partying at the place and all the lights were turned off in the trailor so they could dance and what-not in the dark. Anyways, getting back to my point. I kept glancing outside my bedroom window to see if they would show up. A few hours later, a weird, white truck pulls in the long, gravelly drive-way and it was a drunk idiot who had no brains to figure out to get back to his house. Cars would come and go, and none of them were MD, CW, Cam, or Megan. To say the least my party was ruined and they never came like they promised they would've earlier.

Then I woke up, realizing it's just a dream and another day has come, so I gotta go deal. I was wishing for the dream to become better, but there's almost always something in any dream that seems to fail to meet up to my standards. So i guess I wasn't surprised for plans in the party dream to fall apart. I wonder if any of them will see this and think I'm crazy or something, who knows.

Hoping to see MD at the shop so we can play around. :-) Fun stuff. Who knows. Speaking of which, I should head to work soon. More again laterz. :-)

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