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Recapturing Simple Events In Last Week, Even A Few Hours Ago

Back from Alex's house. Lotsa fun stuff! I've been back since about 10:45pm, and I'm about to fall asleep here.

After dinner, Alex, Sarah (one of his cousins) and I went and rented "Not Another Teen Movie" and watched it. Hilarious stuff, I tell ya. I like that movie. After that, came home. Nothing exciting to report being back here. Just same old boring schnazzle.

Having issues with Jordan. I won't say it here, since it's sorta personal. Maybe it'll all be forgotten in a week or two, who knows. I ran into him Friday night when I was walking around SR and things were cool. I still like him as a friend, but it's a bumpy road right now.

Work has been good in the last week. Amy couldn't make it on Friday, since she had an early emergency call dealing with her mom, so I hope things are looking up with her at this point. So Friday was a little rough, but things were a little better a couple hours after i got there.

It's still taking me a while to get use to these two College classes that I have currently, but it's not bad overall. Had a speech quiz on Thursday, so I'm hoping I did well on it. Other than that, it's all been fine.

Bed awaits for me, so I'll crash.
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