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A Boring Yesterday (Monday)

Ahh I don't wanna be up this early, but it's life I guess. Yesterday was boring but sorta interesting I guess. Went to work from 9am to noon, went back to where I had left off from Friday, and left. Talked to MD lots, which is always a plus. He's such a great guy! Went to COM, bought two books, went to class, then left for home. I got stuck in traffic on the bus going home and ended up sitting there waiting for construction to get done on the road going towards Redwood High for about 20 minutes; it was ridiculous!

Got home, chilled and napped. Lately I've been having different kinds of dreams about MD. Call me crazy, but it happens. Some are good, some are bad, and others are just mellow blah dreams. A variety's good.

Dinner came and went, talked to Alex, did homework, and chilled on the computer listening more of Velvet Alex. It's funny - I was telling MD that I'm getting obsessed with that CD. I either need to buy my own or make a copy or something, I love it lots. It's irresistable, after listening to it at least a few times. Good times.

Anyways, time to pack up for my 9:30am class, then come back and head for work laterz. TTFN...

8/27/02 @ 8am.
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