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HUGE Entry, and I Dunno How To Tab It

Ahh I've been so busy lately, it's not even funny. So that's why I haven't anooyed you guys in updating this past week or so...

Monday was rough starting everything. The class I had signed up for (which was Vocal Literature and Lessons) was way too advanced for me. So I dropped it and switched to Voice 1, which is the same thing, but bascially an intro to proper singing and stuff. Work was a hassle, because my dad was telling me that I should quit working and get a different job where it's closer to my College. I told him I'd think about it all... So I as highly depressed, thinking that I might've had to quit the next day. But I wasn't sure of what was going on, so I played it by ear. Anyways, I got done with my shift, and I had to go back to my College to take a placement test and such. Results of that will come up shortly.

Tuesday was better. Went to my Speech Communications class, and it was fun meeting new people of all different kinds. Class was done and I happened to get a motorcycle ride back home from a classmate, so that was really fun! Work came and went, things were getting back to normal. I realized at that point that I didn't/wouldn't have to quit over there yet, which was great in so many ways. But I'm sure that it's not gonna last long though...

Wednesday, I went to work early, then went to my Voice 1 class. Nothing too exciting. Just another day, ya know.

Thursday I went to my speech class, brought in two meainingful objects from home for homework. I brought in my ancient tape recorder that I have had ever since I was 4, and an electronic Christmas Bear that I've also had since I was 3 or 4. They were a huge chunk of my childhood life, and I still treasure them even though they don't work anymore, and they still mean something strong to me. Sounds really strange I know, but I'm weird like that. Anyways, moving on to Work. Did my shift, did a new fun task, and the working day was over.

Friday I had no classes. But I had a counseling appointment at my College, and I found out my placement testing results. They were horrible, and I was told that I can take it again in a few months from now, and do better. So that's squared away. Went to work, did the same task as the day before, and flirted a lot with two of my favorite co-workers. It was hella crazy & hilarious, I tell ya! After work, I went back to my college with my dad and supported the Local Free Speech stuff for the night. Good political stuff.

Saturday (yesterday) I went back to my college, to see if I could get homework done for the weekend. Nada. Couldn't borrow or purchase the books I needed, so I'm screwed for Monday. So nothing got accomplished. After leaving there, I got Chinese food, then came home. Kelly called and wanted to hang out with me for the day. Everything got extremely complicated and she didn't get here till 10pm last night from Richmond, Ca. Really dumb! Long story behind it all, but she and her friend that came with her stayed here till 2am. I didn't get to sleep till 3:30am. Dumb me.

So today I got up at about 11:30 and since then, I've been chilling and thinking about stuff. Not sure what's ahead of me right now. We shall see.

Sorry for this post being long, but i'm trying to keep up with my won events and such. Oh yeah yesterday I could not get online, whatsoever. My stupid dial-up thingy wouldn't accept my fucking password till late yesterday afternooon. Ridiculous! Otherwise, I probably would've written something in here yesterday.

Laterz peeps and hugs.
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