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Well nothing new to report except I was finally able to nap out for a few hours this evening with NO interruptions, which was nice. I needed it badly! Had quiche for dinner after that, yummy.

I went to Starbucks for lunch today and ordered the usual, which is Vanilla Steamed milk. Usually I get a medium one, but this time I decided to get a small one. For some oddball reason, I got charged twice the amount for a small one than I would if I got a medium one. KInda pathetic but whatever. But that's not all: I took a sip of it this time, and it tasted SO fucking nasty!!! I have no idea what it was, but I think it might've been the milk, I don't know. It just seemed like the milk was going really bad or something. So I asked for a refill, and they were cool with it and I got a free refill. So I was expecting it to be normal and better than I got before, but I was yet wrong AGAIN! I took a sip of the refill and it tasted even worse than the first time! Talk about YUCK!! So I left a few minutes later to catch a bus to go home and threw the drink away. It was soo incredibly disgusting that it almost made me sick to my stomach. Anyway I'm fine now and over all of that.

I talked to Ariel on the phone tonight for about an hour or so and it was cool. :-) We were talking about all the weird and gross websites out there, like I suggest not visiting that site just because there's weird, gross things on there that you wouldn't want to know about.

But while I was surfing around, i ran into a website where people can post either a true story or made up stories about their sexuality and stuff. There was one story I read a little while ago that I thought was interesting but in the end kinda sad. I suggest checking it out here and reading it. Pretty touching story.

Anyway I have to work from 9:30am to 6:30pm tomorrow, bleh but oh well... No big deal, just kinda sick of my job, ya know. And I'm too lazy to do diddly squat about it... So I'll see ya readers and stuff laterz. G'night y'all!

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