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A Full Week's Twisting Ups & Downs

Alrighty here's somewhat of an update on stuff from this past week.

Monday I went and registered for my classes for College. Took forever, but accomplished it finally. Work was okay and not bad. I think I either stayed home or went to Alex's house afterwards. Either way, I chilled Monday night.

Tuesday, everything was cool until I got to work at 1pm. There was a crash in the computer system and we lost a whole bunch of appointments set from July 15th onward. It was a huge, horrible mess. After work, I went to Alex's house and chilled for a little bit along with Jordan. After 6:30pm, I chilled at home for the rest of the night.

Wednesday rolled around the corner and work was still rough from the big Computer System Crash. I guess we were able to slowly retrieve stuff back, but it wasn't much. Things got a bit twisty and nasty after work. Went to Alex's house and I was originally gonna stop by there for a few minutes and pick up a CD that Alex had burned for me, then leave. Plans built up as time was going by. Got into a fight with my dad cuz of me being over there and I guess not notifying him way earlier in the day. Not exactly my fault that there were last minute changes in plans with Alex or whatver. Anyways, to make a long story short, I stayed at Alex's house till almost 1am. Had a jam session over there, and Jordan came over there and chilled. Saw him for an hour, then I went home. Didn't talk to dad till the next day. Mind you, he was still upset with me.

Thursday felt like a roller coaster within itself. Got emotional over my dad in certain parts of the day, which was quite embarrassing for me, cuz my dad and I almost rarely fight. So when it happens, it's always a huge deal, and we're enemies for a day or two till we can face each other and be ok. I hate that and it messed me up on Thursday. Work was quite busy and different, but it was ok. Went home after work, and still feeling crappy from Wednesday. So I chilled.

Friday I had a day off from work. I slept in, talked to Jordan and Alex in a certain parts of the day, and lazed around the house for the most part. Didn't do anything till it was time to go to the Oasis at 5 or 6pm. Overall, being there and away from home was great. Came home at about midnight or so. Dad and I start getting along again.

Saturday (or rather yesterday) I lazed around the house reading Niko's journal from the beginning. Quite interesting stuff. Napped out at about 5pm when I had a horrible dream about my family and close friends dying almost at the same time. Got me depressed for part of the evening. Had pizza last night and personally it was horrible. But I dealt with it. Chatted online for a bit and chilled till 2am. Couldn't sleep so I stayed up listening to music till about 6am. Finally got to sleep.

Today I woke up at about 11ish and I've been lazing around since then. I finished reading the rest of Niko's Journal entries, and stumbled in a disturbing link. Go see for yourself. I'd like to chill with either Alex and/or Jordan, but I'm sure they have other plans going on. It's ok, I guess my conscience is telling me that I might need space too.

Tomorrow I start College life. I'm sooo incredibly nervous. I know, it's only two easy classes, but still. I don't know what to expect, so I'll be ready to be prepared for anything that comes my way tomorrow. We'll see how it all goes.

Sorry for this being long, but I've put this off too much already, and it needed to be done before more stuff piles up. Time to clean this computer up a little.
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