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Oasis w/o Alex

On a lighter note, I went to the Oasis and it was romping rocking socks!! It's been by far the best time I've had over there ever. I finally met Ben, along with CoRri, Jess, and of course HW2NW! Growth of Alliance and The Pushovers rocked the venue along with HW2NW... Alex didn't show up, which was a bummer but understandable. I still had fun anyways.

Going to the Oasis tonight (Friday night) has been a real hilight of this week. It's taken my mind off of all the crap I've been going through this week, which is a huge long story and I'll get into that kinda rant in another entry. My recent last entry was just a build up of some similar, but different crap I was going through Wednesday night. More on that story some other time.

Guess I'll be off to sleep soon. Need to shake off the bad crap I've been holding onto all week.
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