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Recapturing Events, Thoughts, & Some Imagination (i guess)

Cramps kicking in sucks... But I'm dealing. Sorry, but had to get that outta the way.

Work's been a pain on and off as usual all week. Friday i filled in for Amy, since she wanted to take a personal day off from everything and relax. So she did, and I worked all day yesterday. More bucks here for me. :-)

Outside of work, nothing really too exciting has happened all week except for last night and today. Last night, m dad and I went to the Bazaar Cafe in SF, chilled, and listened to some live music. Fun music and food too. Came home at about 11pm, crashed out on the couch till 2am, then finally went to sleep in my own bed at about 2:30am.

Woke up this morning at about 10ish to my dad coming in my room telling me he was off to work. So I got up at that point, poked around the computer for a bit, had tea as usual, and chilled for a few hours. Called Jen, yacked at her for almost an hour. I'll just say as a side note that I'm screwed on my cellphone bill for this month, I think. I probably went over my minutes by a lot... Not good! Sprint sucks and that's that...

Around 1pm or so, I went to Alex's house and Kevin was there too. So we chilled, ate chinese food, played Uno, played Chess, wrestled, watched TV, and talked the usual talk of cars. No problemo there. Apparently Alex had plans later with his family to go out for the evening. So Kevin and I sorta got kicked outta there at about 6-6:30pm. It was fine, since I planned on being home at about dinner time. So kevin and his buddy gave me a ride close to my house, and that's where I've been since almost 7pm.

Right now, I'm chilling, thinking about how I'm gonna deal with College crapola on Monday. I'm also thinking about what to do tomorrowz... Might chill with Alex again, who knows. He's sooo much fun to hang out with, it's unbelievable. Jordan's gone for the weekend yet again, which sucks... I miss hanging out with him. I'd like to chill with him soon before school comes back and takes away all the fun. Maybe this coming Wednesday, who knows. I gotta talk to him and Alex about it, and see if they wanna chill.

At this point in time, I'm missing Alex though... Wish he was here. Ah well, it's all good n gravy. Pizza's on the way. I'm starving. Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far. Stay tuned for yet another entry to be on your way, on your screen laterz.

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