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Am I Awake or No?

Ya know, it's kinda funny: So far in the last few days or so, I've been at Alex's house Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday. I guess it's just a cool place to hang out whenever I don't really wanna go home and he's home. Alex is always good company, plus he makes my shitty day brighter always, which helps a great deal. :-)

I still miss Jordan lots. I probably won't be going to his house though, since he's having a jamming session with his band, so it's cool.

I'm hungry. I think I'll head outta here a little bit earlier than usual and get a bite to eat before working. There's basically no food here at the moment. Maybe I'll go and get a salad at Bell Market; their salad bar's got some really tasty stuff.

Ok I know this was a stupid entry but I'm too lazy right now to be getting into anything in a short amount of time. Maybe laterz.

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