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ARGH boring!!!!

I just got back from the most BORING assembly in my life!! I mean most of it was good and it was about Black Day, which I support completely. But someone came to the podium and just lectured for a half hour, taking up our freaking break time and almost going into our 6th period class! ARGH I actually needed this tutorial to catch up on a few classes that I missed yesterday since I didn't show up at school. I know I missed a quiz for Geometry and stuff but I need to see if I have hw in my classes before Monday. Anyway enough of that...

Looks like Logan just woke/got up... :-) I managed to wake up at 6am sharp which was cool. First time I've done that in a while. Anyway I have some things I have to do here, then I'm gonna go have lunch at Starbucks and chill for a bit, then go home. I might ride my bike around town today, depending on if I feel like it later on. I asked Mike to develop the pics I took about a week ago and he said he'd do it. So hopefully he's doing that about now.

Will write more later today or tonight hopefully. Best wishes to y'all!

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