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Catching up on Friday & Saturday

Now I shall give you a recent update on Friday and yesterday...

Friday evening was a blast!! I brought Alex A and Kevin to the Oasis to see some of the bands that are playing, besides Only On Tuesdays and On Lisa. Alex is addicted and wants to go with me every time I go there. So that's cool, since I now got friends to go with and back at the Oasis Friday nights. Everything was much funner with Alex and Kevin there, so that bightened up my night. After everything was over, Alex's folks gave me a ride back to my house, and dad wasn't home when I got there. It was fine, since he was at Semi's place. I had called dad a few hours before the night was over to let him know the current plans, and that he didn't have to worry about me.

So When I got home, I tried to call my dad to tell him that I was home. Come to find out that both my dad's cell and my cell phone got disconnected. I was more than pissed at that point. Knowing where he was, I was searching all over the house for Semi's number and found it an hour later, which was 10 minutes after he left. Then he was home. All was good after that.

Yesterday, I slept in till noon and didn't do much till 3:30pm. I went out and eventually reached Alex's house a half hour later, since my cell wasn't working. Later, kevin came by Alex's house and the three of us left and walked around MV, and finally got some food at Roccos an hour or two later. Iwas lucky to have brought my cell with me this time, since called and told me that our phones were back on. So that was good. While at the pizza place, Kevin was acting so weird, and it was starting to get annoying to Alex and I a little. but after walking around and having food in our system, all was good. Went back to Alex's house, watched TV, and I left there at about quarter to 7pm, and walked home.

After being home and chit-chatting with dad for a biy, dad ordered some pizza and I went along with him. By about 9pm, I was completely stuffed! Chatted online with Jen and some other peeps for the night and chilled. Went to bed at about 1:30am. Couldn't sleep for the night, so i stayed up in bed and listened to OOT's gig from Friday. Man, it's hilarious as hell! Finally went to sleep at about 4am.

Woke up this morning at about 11am, and I've been chilling since then. My dad's got a friend over and they're gonna do a project, so that's cool. I'm bored and I'd like to hang out with Alex, but I think he's gone with his folks for the day. Jordan's still in Tahoe. So I'm stuck here at the house till one of them gets home and want to hang out, who knows. Will write more laterz.

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