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Why Was I That Way Yesterday??

I'm feeling a little better today. Except that I'm crampy and achy and stuff. Hopefully that'll go away. Woke up feeling sick to my stomach. So I got up, did a few things, and sickness slowly went away. Now I'm just stuck with other crappy pains. Oh well.

I woke up yesterday morning at about 8:15, called my boos and asked if I could get a morning shift, instead of the afternoon shift. Amy was finally cool with it. So i worked from 9:20am till about 1pm, then my afternoon plans were reserved. Walked towards Alex's house and only made it up to the Middle School. So I basically met him and Quest there along with his mom, and we were off to the theatre.

So I'm in. I finally got to see the third Austin Powers movie! It was soooo good and hilarious as hell! Anybody that hasn't seen it yet should definitely see it soon; it's great! Alex's dad came into the theatre sorta in the beginning, so that was cool. After the movie was over, Alex, Quest, and I piled into Alex's dad's car and went back to their house for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

At Alex's house, we screwed around by playing video/computer games up till dinnertime. Then Jordan came by almost when dinner was over, so that was cool. Then Alex, Jordan, Quest, and I took a walk around the neighborhood, sneaked into brushed bushes near a small stream and talked about stuff. That was when timing was bad for me. I guess I got all moody and crap, and basically pulled a "ML" manuever. I have never ever clammed up so much in my life and it was the worst, embarrassing time for it all to have happened to me. I'm not going into detail about the specifics, but I think I was basically PMSing, which SUCKED! Anyways, we all left there kinda unhappy about stuff, and it was suddenly 9pm and time to wrap the night up. Got a ride back home from Jordan and his mom, and dad wasn't home.

I just hope they're all not mad at me or anything... I think we probably need space for a while, who knows. Hopefully one of them will read this and possibly understand, I hope... It feels really embarrassing to me that I clammed up in so many ways, it's not even funny.

Right now, I'm getting laundry done along with other little chores in the house. It'll be great to leave the house and felt that I've accomplished stuff. I'm off to the showers. More laterz.
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