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Still Up

well I'm still up and I just got outta shower too. I'm sure you guys are wondering, why am I showering in the middle of the night?!? WELL.... I tried to die my hair blonde but it came out light brown which is ok I guess... So I did the last step which was rinsing my hair out and putting conditioner in it to make it soft and stuff... I did that and I guess I didn't rinse thoroughly enough. So when it dried, it became kinda sticky but mainly really greasy and weird... So I wanted to fix that problem before I went to sleep, and I did. :-) Now my hair feels great again!

Talked to Ariel on the phone and she's doing good, but we still have some talking to do, about our relationship, whether it's working out or not... Guess we'll just have to do that on ICQ later on... Oh well.

T emailed me wondering if I'm still alive and stuff... Yeppers I am, just been having too much to deal with this week and barely have emailed anyone at all... So I deeply apoligize for not keeping in touch via email. will try to do that today (friday) if I can.

Anyway I'm freezing since I'm naked and still trying to dry off before I go to sleep. Yes you heard me right, Naked! I'm gonna crawl into my nice hot electric blanket and snooze away. See ya folks laterz. ;-) Peace out and happy friday!

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