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Loving fun Events

Well I forget when I last updated, so who cares... right?

Anyways, Work has it's ups and downs and it's been overall stupid lately. Didn't see MD today, since he went to COM to register into classes; we'll see what he got.

After a stupid day at work yesterday, I went to Jordan's house and hung out over there till about 11pm. Saw Alex for about and hour or so and we (Alex, Jordan, and I) walked around trying to avoid Jordan's bro and his stupid friend from bothering us. While they were stupidly and annoyingly stalking us, they got a little behind and got themselves into trouble... Oh well, I guess they deserved it for being pricks.

A few minutes later, the three of us ended up at a park and Jordan and I of course had some loving fun while Alex yacked on the phone with who knows whom it was... They we hurried back to Jordan's house, since Alex's dad was there and he had to leave. :-( Ah well, it was fun with Alex while it lasted.

Laterz, Jordan and I sneaked into his hottub, stayed there for a few hours and chilled and had more loving fun. :-) Good times. By the time we were outta there, it was nearly 9:30 and we watched some movie a little bit afterwards till dad came and picked me up. So finally my dad met Jordan, which was cool.

i'm hoping to get to chill with both Jordan and Alex sometime soon, who knows when. Right now, I'm getting sleepy here while typing this. Gotta gather some tea, more chatting and sleep, which are the rest of the upcoming events for tonight... Laterz and Love to y'all..
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